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Congratulations to Tenet for obtaining the intellectual property management system certification!
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Tenet for obtaining the intellectual property management system certification
Shenzhen Tenet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tenet”) successfully passed the intellectual property management system certification and obtained the “Intellectual Property Management System” issued by Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. on November 20, 2018. Certificate number: 165IP183700R0S.

The Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy promulgated by the State Council has incorporated the intellectual property management system into an important level of national strategic development and is a national standard formulated by the state. In order to respond to the relevant national policies on intellectual property protection, Tenet has passed a strict review in accordance with the relevant provisions of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) and the national standard GB/T29490-2013 Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations.

Tenet always attaches great importance to the management of intellectual property rights such as patent technology, software and trademarks.Strives to build and cultivate enterprises with intellectual property advantages. Continuously improve employees' awareness of intellectual property rights, improve their innovation ability. Improve intellectual property management practices and work process construction. Establish and operate a programmatic, institutionalized, standardized and systematic intellectual property management system. Through this certification, the overall intellectual property management work of Tenet will enter a new height of standardization, systematization and scientific management. It will help to enhance the awareness of intellectual property protection of Tenet, promote technological innovation and enhance the market competitive position of the company. 
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