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Automatic Card Collector
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  • Patented sensing technology, strong effect to avoid light and dust proof

    Industrial design, can adapt to various high and low climate

    6Major functional features
      When jams, you can choose to reject card or not at timeout;
      When the card is recognized at timeout, you can choose to quit card or not;
      You can choose the time of rejecting card when timeout;
      The function of preventing to collect by mistake and follow card: when receiving the first card imperfectly, if you insert another card,it will cause the collector to stop working.Unless you pull out the second card,it will continue to receive the first card;
      Provide RS232 and I / O voltage two control interfaces;
      Built-in buzzer for error status alarm;
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    Factory display
  • Specification
    • Operating voltage:24VDC(Max current 2A,static current0.1A)
    • Operating temperature:-30℃-85℃&
    • Operating humidity:30—90% 
    • Used condition:install in bin  
    • Collecting card speed:about 2s
    • Card material:paper cards or polyester cards
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