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Automatic Card Dispenser
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  • Patented sensing technology, strong effect to avoid light and dust proof

    Industrial design, can adapt to various high and low climate

    12Major functional features
      Industrial design, adjust to high temperature and other bad environments;
      Friction type to dispense card,strong adaptability for all kinds of distortional card;
      Hardware watchdog and embedded operating system to ensure system running reliable;
      Pre-dispense function accelerate dispensing speed,alleviate the traffic queue problem;
      Provide RS232 and I/O level 2types control interface;
      Connectable with the loop detector to achieve card issuing and “one car, one card”;
      Automatic buzzer alarm when errors occur, automatic reset after 100 seconds alarm;
      Drawer type recycling bin,capacity of card is more than 40pcs;
      Card stacker,capacity of each one is more than 100pcs;
      Safe recycling function, prevent malicious lost card (only for TCD800 series);
      Slide design to make installation and disassembling more easier;
      Full mold production to ensure the product precision and quality are high consistent;
    Product Photograph

    Factory display

  • Specification
    • Operating voltage: 24VCD (max current 2A, static current 0.1A)
    • Operating temperature: -20℃ to 85℃
    • Operating humidity:30-90% (comparatively)
    • Use condition:install in bin
    • Card available:width: 54+/-0.5mm      Length: 85+/-0.5mm          Thickness: 0.3-2.5mm (adjustable)
    • Card material:Paper or Polyester card
    • Card capacity:150pcs
    • Time of issuing:max0.5s
    • Capacity of stacker:150pcs (0.8mm), one extra stacker can add 100pcs card.
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