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Automatic Card Dispenser
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  • Patented sensing technology, strong effect to avoid light and dust proof

    Industrial design, can adapt to various high and low climate

    13Major functional features
      Industrial design, suit for automotive card dispensing equipment such as automotive card dispenser, road barrier and which in the car lots and so on;
      Simulation manpower friction issuers, better adaptability to various deformed cards;
      Watchdog of hardware and micro-embeded real-time operating system to ensure reliable operation;
      Pre-dispense function accelerate dispensing speed;
      Directly connect to the inductor;
      Automatic buzzer alarm when cards warehouse is full;
      Automatic reset after the wrong alarm of 100S;
      RS232 and I/O voltage interface is offered;
      The card dispensing mode can be choose; fitting for mul-channels card dispenser;
      Adjustable capacity of card warehouse;
      The card thickness can be adjusted within0.2mm―2.4mm (Ex-work setting:0.8mm);
      Motherboard slip design makes the installation and removal simple, convenient and fast;
      Die-wide production ensures the products` quality and consistency;
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    Factory display

  • Specification
    • Operating voltage: 24VDC(MAX current2A, static current 0.1A)
    • Working temperature: -30℃ to 70℃
    • Working humidity:30-90%
    • Work condition:installed in bin
    • width:54 ± 0.5 mm
    • length:85 ± 0.5 mm
    • thickness: 0.2 – 2.4 mm(adjusted)(notice:EX-work: 0.8mm)
    • material: paper and polyester cards
    • Net weight:1.5Kg(including card block)
    • Dispensing time:about 0.5S
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