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Parking Management System Controller
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  • 32-bit ARM processor, embedded RTOS system

    Design of lightning protection and anti-electromagnetic interference, the stability is good

    8Major functional features
      Full TCP/IP communication network;
      16 respective park can be managed;
      253 access control terminal supported;
      Flexible & various charging mode;
      Support real-time & unambiguous two-way intercom between access controller and charging terminal;
      If more functions or voice modification is needed, the system can be upgraded on site or by online using our software updater;
      With 2pcs standard RS-232 and 2 pcs Weigand interface, either 13.56MHz Mifare 1 S50/S70 card or 125KHz EM4001 (ID card) or 900MHz long range ID card, or 2.4GHz Bluetooth Card are all supported;
      VIP coupon, shopping receipt discount and so on various discount mode are supported;
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    Factory display

  • Specification
    • Work Voltage: DC 12V
    • Work Temperature: -30℃ to 70℃
    • RS232:Two RS232 interface, which can connect IC reader, Barcode printer, Barcode Scanner
    • RS485:One RS485 interface, which can connect LED Display , Advertising Screen or Amount screen
    • Barrier Interface: Control “Open””Close””Stop” and Closing feedback signal Input
    • Voice Output: Directly drive loudspeaker and voice files can be customizable editor download
    • Voice Input:Voice signal input and digital voice intercom
    • SDK Development Kit:Not provide
    • Network: TCP/IP
    • store card data: 30000
    • Dimension:160*192*20MM
    • Wiegand 26 interface:Two Wiegand 26 interface, which can connect ID Reader, Long-range Bluetooth reader,2.4G UHF Reader
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