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    • 1、Industrial grade 32bits ARM microprocessor;
    • 2、Embedded real-time operating system (RTOS);
    • 3、CAN bus network;
    • 4、Integrating 5 lines high-speed real-time RS-485 bus port;
      • 5、Off-line work, can be cut off from computer and work independently;
    • 6、Parking lots data is collected and issued in real time;
    • 7、GPRS-DTU module can be connected to Central Control Unit (CCU);

    It's a Hit !
    Real-time parking availability information
    saves time and hassle!

    Ultrasonic sensors that read utilization of each garage parkingspace. Proven highest percentage of accuracy.
    This Parking Guidance System (PGS) is an open data solutionthat provides 24/7 information on parking space availability.
    Helps you two ways to making it easier to find parkingandsaving travel time.

    System Structure

    System Advantage

    • Enhance customer service by providing parkers with real-time facility information and space availability.
    • Reduce road congestion and carbon emissions created by vehicles circulating looking for available parking.
    • Optimize the use of existing parking resources by redistributing parking demand.
    • Support most IC cards and ID cards at home and abroad
    • Enable the County to optimize public parking supply by providing real time space availability to parkers via signs and mobile applications.

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