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Tenet View:Wisdom City in China
07 Aug, 2017
In recent years, along with the economic growth is slowing, structural adjustment has become a top priority.As proposed by the prime minister li keqiang, "building China's economy, the update" technology innovation to drive industry transformation, and seek long-term development is becoming a consensus from all walks of life.
In China's overall economy faces a major shift of the moment, we can still see, the driving force of China's economic development has not disappeared.On the one hand, as the government lead the economy to consumption and services, domestic consumption will be sharply, boosting economic growth and innovation;The explosive growth of electronic commerce, not only has the Internet enterprises bigger and stronger, at the same time also prompted more and more traditional enterprise tilt to the Internet or transformation;The rapid advance of urbanization, on the other hand, is constantly broaden the space industry development and employment, provided strong impetus to economy.More it is worth noting that the Chinese government is more and more attention to the wisdom of the city construction, to promote urban sustainable development, building an innovative country.

Second, as more and more Chinese enterprises to the international market, the wave of internationalization of IT puts forward the new requirements.In the face of unfamiliar overseas market, how to effectively deal with international practice, "inside and outside work" has become the top issue facing the enterprises to expand overseas business.Through the use of advanced IT technology, can help enterprises to capture market opportunities, establish effective channels of communication with users, and smooth finish business migration to the new market.Is IT companies in China will also be the future business growth potential power.

Third, the concept of "wisdom city" contains huge business opportunities.In the next 10 years, China will have more than 2 trillion yuan into wisdom city construction investment, involving a wide range of ICT technology, including application and software platform, decision support and automation, data acquisition, storage and processing hardware, communication network and the service and so on.

Fourth, the strong momentum of rapid development of e-commerce market, cause IT vendors highlighting.In the retail, manufacturing, finance and so on several big representative industry, the trend of enterprises "electric shock" is more and more obvious, and the huge potential of e-commerce industry has begun to release.Both pure electric business enterprise and traditional enterprise "electric shock", all need to handle huge amounts of unstructured data, more need to be advanced, high flexibility and expansibility of the information system, to support its growing business, improve customer satisfaction.
Fifth, cloud, social, mobile and large data emerging technology trends, such as IT opened a new chapter for the enterprise.

In 2014, the enterprise to the implementation of the cloud, mobile and social deployment will present the trend of integration, the enterprise hope to be able to fully embrace the three trends hot spots, and by integrating with even greater economies of scale.Is used for the big data at the same time, also will not stay on the level of access and analyze data, but will be able to really create value for the enterprise.

Cloud computing, big data, social, mobile, urban wisdom, electronic commerce, the wave to IT vendors brought infinite opportunities and challenges.

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