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History of Tenet
27 Nov, 2017
Born 2001

Established in Nanshan Hi-Tech Park in 2001, devoting in ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) equipment.

Rising - 2002-2004

2002-Card dispenser was applied successfully in foreign and domestic and the sales volume broke through 2,000 sets.
Tenet card dispenser replaced the foreign products in Chinese market successfully.

2003- Vehicle loop detector came into the market;

2004-Parking zone-guidance-system came into market and won the good reputation by its handy operation and high reliability.

A sound foundation for Tenet marching toward global market was found in this three years.

Strategy - 2005-2007

2005-The upgraded version card dispenser came to the market;

2006-Ticket verification system was applied in tourist spots payment system successfully;

2007-The foreign trade department was established and TENET marching toward global market;

Tenet made great progress in quality control, production efficiency, and brand in this 3 years.

Expanding - 2008-2010

2008-Tenet won the bidding of HongKong MTR airport express line ticket system upgrading project successfully;

2009-RFID series products be brought to market after 3 year’ R&D;

2010-Parking lot guidance system entered into Philippine market and TCP/IP smart parking management system came into the market successfully.

Globalization- 2011-2013

2011-Tenet PGS won three biddings in Philippine and TCP/IP smart parking system entered into the global market successfully;

2012-TENET made cooperation with Singapore ST Electronics and WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) on ticket card dispenser;

2013-The sales volume of ultrasonic sensor was up to 50,000 pieces, and the TCP/IP PMS entered into Malaysia and Ghana market, as well as the Holiday Inn Express and Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok Thailand.

Innovation- 2014-2015

2014-The PMS based on LPR (License Plate Recognition) came into the market;

2015- TENET moved into new office from 1,000m2 to 6,000m2 .

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