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Tenet to see future security: intelligent and platform will become a trend
11 Sep, 2017

Tenet think that video monitoring system in our country has experienced from the first generation simulation system (CCTV), to the second generation mixed-signal system (DVR), and then to the third generation to network cameras and video servers the three stages of evolution.With safe city, anti-terrorism counterterrorism gradually implement the security goals, such as simple video digital management already cannot satisfy the development needs, so that the current domestic market is in the intelligent video monitoring platform transition process.Intelligent security stepped into the stage of scale application

Intelligent security is not only refers to the intelligent video analysis, but the system stratification plane, the safety level of intelligence, intelligent video analysis will only be one part of it.The essence of intelligence will be from the end of the machine vision and equipment level intelligence intelligence, and gradually extended to the system of a comprehensive process of advanced thinking.Intelligent security need to be integrated into the foundation, if there is no integrated security environment, all intelligence is only at the end of the level of intelligent equipment, and only between systems integration environment is formed, from the end of the device level intelligent gradually increased to cover the entire construction project of intelligent system level.

Tenet think that, from the current security intelligence in the application of the most sophisticated intelligent video analysis technology development, it can hardly need human intervention, through the camera to record the image sequence of automatic analysis for dynamic scene of target location, identification and tracking, and on the basis of the analysis and judge the behavior of the target, achieve to complete the daily management and in the abnormal situation happened to respond in a timely manner, so as to solve the traditional monitoring workload big, such problems as low efficiency, slow reaction speed, its advantages are obvious, and promote the whole security intelligent one of the most key technology.

Tenet: the market intelligence and platform is a trend platform is the core of the enterprise competitiveness

Each security vendors in advancing their own industry system solutions, are increasingly need to software platform is the integration of form a complete set of hardware, the integrated scheme of compatibility, stability, security and so on, its standard is becoming more and more tend to be more uniform.Although the mainstream of the current domestic monitor vendor basic all have their own software platform, but the difference is the location and size of these platforms are not the same.In the next few years the application of security monitoring type also more and more clear, the technical standard, the development will be increasingly tend to be unified interface, etc.

Look from the security architecture of the current situation: distributed deployment, B/S architecture, multi-domain architecture, middleware, embedded system and the application of the database and other advanced ideas are reflected in the different platforms.Look from the application of China's security industry can be divided into: public security application, industry users and operation service class three.

TenetTCP network car park management system, for example, management system of parking TenetTCP network is advanced and practical B/S + C/S structure, namely the Browser and Server structure (Browser Server) + Client/Server (Client Server), is simply a background management based on Google Browser and Server mode, the front-end charge management terminal Client + Server mode.

Customers only in the Google browser address input management system administrator can login background Settings: rate Settings, financial statements to view, open parking lot switch-off record, utilization rate of the parking lot, and so on;Login and front-end fee management, charging terminals can be normal fee management.

Structure of B/S (Browser/Server and Browser/Server mode), is one of the WEB after the rise of the network structure model, a WEB Browser is one of the main client application software.This model unifies the client, will be the core of the system function realization part focus on the server, simplify the development, maintenance and use of the system.As long as the installation of a Browser on the client (Browser), such as Google Browser, the Server install Oracle, Sybase, Informix or SQL Server database.Browser data through the Web Server and database interactions.This greatly simplifies the client computer load, reduce the workload of system maintenance and upgrade costs and, reduces the overall cost of ownership (TCO) of the user.

B/S (Client/Server, Client/Server) structure, through the reasonable tasks assigned to the Client side and Server side, the development is easy, simple operation, reduce the communication overhead of the system.

Based on these advantages, shenzhen Tenet technology invest a lot of manpower and material resources from 08 start development of parking lots management system based on TCP/IP network.After five years of continuous efforts, the end of 2013, TenetTCP/IP network has sold 10000 sets of intelligent parking lot management system, products successfully entered markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Ghana, Tenet of 2012 parking lots management system success in Bangkok, Thailand, Holiday Inn Express and Siam Paragon shopping center, fully open the southeast Asia market.(note: Siam Paragon shopping center is the most novel large shopping center in Bangkok.)

As a summary, Tenet argues that China's security market space is huge, intelligent and platform development trend of security market, balancing the needs of society and the individual level, to provide security and stability of the society more rich solution.

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